Fujino Metal Co., Ltd. is a company which fabricates the tube in brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum and we welcome an order of small quantity, even a single tube. What we do is planning and fabrication of the original metal products, repair and restoration of the metal products and creation support for metal craft.

Fujino Metal Co., Ltd. 15-18, Nihonbashi Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0001
                                          TEL:03-3663-7711 FAX:03-3661-3169 E-Mail:info@fujino-kinzoku.co.jp

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Stainless Steel
We provide the information above. There are tubes of varied sizes, so please feel free to inquire about your necessary size.

Aluminum Alloy - Flat/Rectangle Tube, click here.

Aluminum Alloy - Round Tube

Unit is millimeter. The tube can be cut into your specified length. However, please inquire about the availability of cutting in advance because it is impossible to cut some of tubes depending on the length. The product with unlisted size in the dimension list is going to be fabricated. We may cut a tube in half and ship depending on the size and the destination. Basically, we provide a tube in standard size.

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Material ODφ×WT×4000(Unit: mm) Material ODφ×WT×4000(Unit: mm)
A6063TD 5×1.0t×4000 A6063TE 32×1.0t×4000
  〃(1/2H) 6×1.0t×4000 32×1.5t×4000
7×1.0t×4000 32×2.0t×4000
8×1.0t×4000 32×3.0t×4000
9×1.0t×4000 35×1.5t×4000
9.5×1.0t×4000 35×2.0t×4000
A6063TE 10×1.0t×4000 35×2.5t×4000
〃  (T5) 10×1.5t×4000 35×3.0t×4000
10×2.0t×4000 35×4.0t×4000
11×1.0t×4000 38×1.5t×4000
12×1.0t×4000 38×2.0t×4000
12×1.5t×4000 38×3.0t×4000
12×2.0t×4000 40×1.5t×4000
12.7×1.0t×4000 40×2.0t×4000
13×1.0t×4000 40×2.5t×4000
13×1.5t×4000 40×3.0t×4000
13×2.0t×4000 40×4.0t×4000
14×1.0t×4000 40×5.0t×4000
14×1.5t×4000 45×1.5t×4000
14×2.0t×4000 45×2.0t×4000
15×1.0t×4000 45×3.0t×4000
15×1.5t×4000 45×5.0t×4000
15×2.0t×4000 50×1.5t×4000
16×1.0t×4000 50×2.0t×4000
16×1.5t×4000 50×2.5t×4000
16×2.0t×4000 50×3.0t×4000
18×1.0t×4000 50×4.0t×4000
18×1.5t×4000 50×5.0t×4000
18×2.0t×4000 55×2.0t×4000
19×1.0t×4000 55×3.0t×4000
19×1.5t×4000 60×2.0t×4000
19×2.0t×4000 60×2.5t×4000
20×1.0t×4000 60×3.0t×4000
20×1.5t×4000 60×4.0t×4000
20×2.0t×4000 60×5.0t×4000
20×2.5t×4000 65×2.0t×4000
20×3.0t×4000 65×3.0t×4000
22×1.0t×4000 70×2.0t×4000
22×1.5t×4000 70×3.0t×4000
22×2.0t×4000 70×4.0t×4000
22×3.0t×4000 70×5.0t×4000
25×1.0t×4000 75×3.0t×4000
25×1.5t×4000 80×3.0t×4000
25×2.0t×4000 80×4.0t×4000
25×2.5t×4000 80×5.0t×4000
25×3.0t×4000 90×3.0t×4000
25×4.0t×4000 90×5.0t×4000
28×1.0t×4000 100×3.0t×4000
28×1.5t×4000 100×5.0t×4000
28×2.0t×4000 110×3.0t×4000
28×3.0t×4000 110×5.0t×4000
30×1.0t×4000 120×3.0t×4000
30×1.5t×4000 120×5.0t×4000
30×2.0t×4000 130×5.0t×4000
30×2.5t×4000 140×5.0t×4000
30×3.0t×4000 150×5.0t×4000
30×4.0t×4000 160×5.0t×4000

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