Fujino Metal Co., Ltd. is a company which fabricates the tube in brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum and we welcome an order of small quantity, even a single tube.
What we do is planning and fabrication of the original metal products, repair and restoration of the metal products and creation support for metal craft
Fujino Metal Co., Ltd.     15-18, Nihonbashi Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0001
                                   TEL:03-3663-7711 FAX:03-3661-3169 E-Mail:info@fujino-kinzoku.co.jp

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Metal Box is a page to propose an idea to the customer who wants a type of metal products or the customized metal products. People with technical knowledge in metal can enjoy our page even in the one which doesn't have interest in metal at all.
Stainless Steel Tube Copper Tube Brass Tube Aluminum Tube
We provide the information above. There are tubes of varied sizes, so please feel free to inquire about your necessary size.

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We have a wide range of tubes in outside diameter from 0.3m/m to 10m/m. We are please to sell the tube from a single. The tube can be cut into your specified length. However, please inquire about the availability of cutting in advance because it is impossible to cut some of tubes depending on the length. Also the substandard tube can be produced, so please feel free to inquire.

SUS304 Stainless Steel Tube Hair line

SUS304 Stainless Steel #400 Polish

SUS304 SUS316L Coil


SUS316  BA

SUS304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube

SUS304T Dimension List

              Outside Diameter・Inside Diameter:φ、Wall Thickness:t、Length:L 








φ0.3×φ0.15×1000L φ1.5×φ1.3×1000L φ2.7×φ1.7×1000L φ5.t0.2×2000L
φ0.3×φ0.1×1000L φ1.5×φ1.1×1000L φ2.8×φ2.4×1000L φ5.0×t0.3×2000L
φ0.4×t0.08×500L φ1.5×φ1.0×1000L φ2.8×φ1.8×1000L φ5.t0.5×2000L
φ0.4×φ0.2×1000L φ1.5×φ0.8×1000L φ2.9×φ2.6×1000L φ5.0×t1.0×2000L
φ0.48×φ0.23×1000L φ1.5×φ0.5×1000L φ2.9×φ1.9×1000L φ5.0×t1.5×2000L
φ0.5×φ0.25×1000L φ1.6×φ1.3×1000L φ3.0×t0.2×2000L φ6.0×t0.2×2000L
   φ1.6×φ1.2×1000L φ3.0×t0.25×2000L φ6.0×t0.3×2000L
φ0.6×φ0.4×1000L φ1.6×φ1.1×1000L φ3.0×t0.3×2000L φ6.0×t0.5×2000L
φ0.6×φ0.3×1000L φ1.6×φ1.0×1000L φ3.0×t0.5×2000L φ6.0×t0.8×4000L
   φ1.6×φ0.8×1000L φ3.0×φ1.0×2000L φ6.0×t1.0×2000L
φ0.7×φ0.5×1000L φ1.6×φ0.6×1000L φ3.0×φ0.8×2000L φ6.t1.2×4000L
φ0.7×φ0.4×1000L    φ3.0×φ0.6×1000L φ6.0×t1.5×4000L
φ0.7×φ0.2×1000 φ1.7×t0.18×1000L φ3.0×φ0.5×1000L φ6.0×t2.0×4000L
φ1.7×φ1.2×1000L φ3.0×φ0.4×1000L   
φ0.8×φ0.6×1000L    φ3.1×φ2.1×1000L φ6.35×t0.5×4000L
φ0.8×φ0.5×1000L φ1.8×φ1.6×1000L φ3.2×φ2.2×1000L φ6.35×t1.0×4000L
φ0.8×φ0.4×1000L φ1.8×φ1.5×1000L φ3.3×φ2.9×1000L φ6.35×t1.24×4000L
φ0.8×φ0.3×1000L φ1.8×φ1.4×1000L φ3.3×φ2.3×1000L φ7.0×t0.3×2000L
φ0.83×φ0.53×1000L φ1.8×φ1.3×1000L φ3.4×φ2.4×1000L φ7.0×t0.5×2000L
   φ1.8×φ0.8×1000L φ3.5×t0.2×2000L φ7.0×t1.0×2000L
      φ3.5×t0.5×2000L φ7.4×t0.2×2000L
φ0.9×φ0.6×1000L φ1.9×φ0.9×1000L φ3.6×φ2.6×1000L   
φ0.915×φ0.41×1000    φ3.7×φ2.7×1000L φ8.0×t0.3×2000L
φ0.92×φ0.6×1000L φ2.0×φ1.8×1000L φ3.8×φ2.8×1000L φ8.0×t0.5×2000L
   φ2.0×φ1.6×1000L φ3.9×φ2.9×1000L φ8.0×t0.8×4000L
φ1.0×φ0.8×1000L φ2.0×φ1.5×1000L    φ8.0×t1.0×2000L
φ1.0×φ0.7×1000L φ2.0×φ1.4×1000L φ4.0×t0.2×2000L φ8.t1.5×4000L
φ1.0×φ0.6×1000L φ2.0×φ0.5×1000L φ4.0×t0.3×2000L φ8.0×t2.0×4000L
φ1.0×φ0.5×1000L φ2.0×φ0.7×1000L φ4.0×t0.5×2000L   
φ1.0×φ0.4×1000L φ2.0×φ0.5×1000L φ4.0×t1.0×2000L φ9.0×t0.5×4000L
φ1.0×φ0.3×1000L       φ9.0×t1.2×4000L
   φ2.1×φ1.7×1000L φ4.1×φ3.1×1000L φ9.0×t1.5×2000L
φ1.2×φ1.0×1000L φ2.1×φ1.1×1000L φ4.2×φ3.2×1000L   
φ1.2×φ0.8×1000L φ2.2×φ1.2×1000L φ4.3×φ3.3×1000L φ9.53×t1.0×4000L
φ1.2×φ0.7×1000L      φ9.53×t1.2×4000L
φ1.2×φ0.6×1000L φ2.3×t0.23×1000L    φ9.53×t1.5×4000L
φ1.2×φ0.5×1000L φ2.3×φ1.3×1000L φ4.5×t0.3×2000L   
φ1.2×φ0.4×1000L φ2.4×φ1.4×1000L φ4.5×t0.5×2000L φ10.0×t0.3×2000L
φ1.3×φ1.0×1000L φ2.5×t0.2×2000L φ4.6×φ3.6×1000L φ10.0×t0.5×2000L
φ1.3×φ0.9×1000L φ2.5×t0.25×2000L φ4.7×φ4.3×1000L φ10.0×t0.8×4000L
   φ2.5×t0.5×2000L φ4.7×φ3.7×1000L φ10.0×t1.0×2000L
   φ2.5×φ1.0×1000L φ4.8×φ3.8×1000L   
φ1.4×φ1.0×1000L  φ2.5×φ0.8×1000L φ4.9×φ3.9×1000L φ10.0×t1.5×4000L
φ1.4×φ0.8×1000L  φ2.6×φ1.6×1000L     φ10.0×t2.0×4000L



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